The story of RESPIRO began more than 12 years ago. It started in year 2004 with the manufacture of original t-shirts, brave t-shirts that awoke your fantasy. Our aspiration to communicate and present more up-cycled products shortly created the RESPIRO brand. The novel and fresh design of handmade recycled products gradually created a wave of interest in the Czech Republic that shortly spread beyond the borders. A few years have past by and RESPIRO appeals with humour, originality, style and quality not only to its customers but also at international design competitions.

Values that accompany our products from the beginning:

RESPIRO PLACE = czech brand with headquaters in Norh Moravia, Ostrava, the city of coal , steel and dark corners. But also in the city full of great and capable people and the best friends. Just in the city we love like no other. 

RESPIRO CHARITY = philanthropy and partnerships with non-profit organizations, especially in the social and environmental areas where the cooperation is sustained and long-term

RESPIRO VICTORY = victory of  the ongoing geyser of ideas, human creativity, intuition, but balanced with reason and conviction. We believe that if the right philosophy, quality and cultural environment win, the success will come and is permanent.

RESPIRO CULTURE = we consider up-cycled philosophy as not only an original approach, but also the key solutions and effective method in the management of existing and mainly limited resources.

RESPIRO IMAGE = significant and substantial differentiation from others. Design, modern trends, surprising materials and taste for detail forming a complex that has no equivalent in the Czech Republic.

RESPIRO GOAL =have a fun and inspire people on what they do, what they wear and buy. New products that are a reaction to what is happening around us, arise every day.

RESPIRO CREATIVITY = by us ideas are endless and our desire to work on still something new or accessory but original and totally unique opportunity to differentiate yourselves that just no one has.is boundless. By this it’s guaranteed that by purchasing the product you won’t get only apparel, item.

RESPIRO RACIO = well thought out, sophisticated and carefully selected products that you can’t get at our competitors and which combines a unique design and clear functionality and practicality. The benefits of products is long-term and shelf-life almost unlimited.

RESPIRO MATERIALS = up-cycled products made ​​from non-traditional materials that have previously served a different purpose, supplementary products made ​​from recycled materials using technologies not only beneficial to the environment, but also people and bearing the ECO ,BIO and Fair Trade.

RESPIRO PRODUCTS = Products meet all important what customer expects. Absolute distinction from competitors is innovation, high utility value, stylish “cool and sexy” trends and humorous design.

RESPIRO ADRENALIN = brand supposting adrenalin sports, interesting projects and celebrities.

RESPIRO PŘÍBĚHY = in every product we see a story that has already happened and may continue due to transformation. We are interested in stories of interesting people and things which bring something special and materials that have a particular structure, shape, and those in combination with the design excel.

RESPIRO CONTINUITY = we are pleased to build on the amazing stories and be as the motive and source of new ones. Continuity is our nature and material memory our challenge.

For us green isn’t just a colour and therefore thank you for giving us a green light for the next up-coming years.



Thank you all for all your support and appreciation. RESPIRO team isn’t resting on its laurels, we are creating more and more design ideas because DESIGN IS OUR OBSESSION, INOVATION AND USEFULNESS IS OUR JOY, VICTORY OF UP-CYCLING IS OUR PASSION!

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