Jumble, odds and ends, bic-a-brac hidden in the attic. Blow off loads of dust, sweep out cobwebs and catch the sight of a unique specimen. A treasure from the past – a famous bicycle our ancestors used to ride. A jewel representing freedom, liberty, speed and traditions. A bicycle no one used for more than 60 years but still like new and remarkably sophisticated. In RESPIRO we make sure useless items receive a second chance. Rediscovered bicycles deserve the chance. Hop on! Let’s go! Retro is back in style, it´s cool. A unique and unforgettable date? Head for a charming bike ride. Someone famous once said “no need to fear the past” You truly needn’t to be afraid. Renovated retro bikes are a demonstration of the uniqueness of Czech designers and engineers, the talent of “Czech golden hands” that became famous beyond their borders.