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For us Green isn't just a colour

Upcycling is a philosophy! It shows our attempt to be creative with a responsible approach to the world around us. We are convinced that we have a unique chance to create an exciting and joyful place on earth for all of us. The possibilities of up-cycling are unlimited and the materials we can work with keep on extending. The more we immerse into it the bigger the fun and we are convinced we are heading in the right direction. We are optimistic and believe the sources are unlimited and we have a chance to be here in a hundred or even a thousand years. For us green isn’t just a colour!

Jakub Mastík

The production process in RESPIRO


We seek and we will never give up! We collect used materials from bike repair stores, printing companies, scrapyards and wineyards and create unique practical eco-friendly products and help eliminate enormous production of disposable packaging material. For our products it’s a rebirth! Help us in our endeavour and send your used banners, worn out Bantex billboards, old car tarps or used bike tubes. Help create new up-cycled products.


Before breathing life into used items we do our best and firstly give them a thorough clean, thereafter we can get down to designing and producing. Daily we process discarded car tarps, bike tubes, vinyl records, wine bottles, tyres a real miscellany of worn out and fading products. It’s exciting to observe the transformation of a useless item into something new, needful and on top of that with a unique design.

3Second chance

Breathing new life to useless items needs enthusiasm and a creative approach. We never regret the time-consuming preparation because each time a remarkable up-cycled original is born that has the gift to enthuse more and more customers not only through its design and handmade quality but also its history and surprising rise from the dead. The whole Respiro team put´s one shoulder to the wheel to create the final Czech product.

4Up-cycled fashion

We produce fashion accessories from recycled materials with a responsible approach to the environment, a dose of patriotism and our natural faith in handmade products. Unique design unites with functional demands. We choose unconventional materials and guarantee handmade production. Have a taste of our remarkable up-cycled design origins.

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The story of our products

What each product went through in its first life is just a prologue to what you will experience with it. For example handmade sewed handbags made from used inner bike tubes that firstly rode up mountain hairpin bends today have new owners that can proudly show off with a unique design and eco-friendly product – a novel life of this fashion accessory. Every single item has its story and past. We give it a new fresh and ecological future with a unique design.

Stylish fashion


Untraditional, unique, stylish, inventive, eco-friendly, Czech, up-cycling, handmade - these are the attributes of all Respiro products. Whether it is a handbag, rucksack, scarf, belt or notebook case or even an eco bike we can guarantee uniqueness - each product is thanks to its up-cycled design or used material as well as its final composition an original!. We always work with worn out, used materials that have a unique history. We make use of this energy and give them a totally new inventive form – take a look at our handmade Czech products.

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Nature friendly

Environmental production

On a long term bases up-cycling and up-cycled design has become a trend among the society with an eco-friendly approach. Thank you for the increasing tendency. The raising interest in our up-cycled design products is proof! The Up-cycling opportunities are unlimited and materials we can work with keep on extending and that’s why you, our customers gain the guarantee of originality. We consider the philosophy of up-cycling to be not only an original approach but also a key solution and an effective way of economizing with existing and especially limited sources. For us green isn’t just a colour!

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